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Stayin’ Alive: Timely Feng Shui at Home

<em>An Excerpt from Carole’s recent book “Conversations with Your Home”</em> <strong></strong><img src=”” alt=”” width=”218″ height=”269″ />Just as with any organization/structure that holds life, there has to be some system in place that assures your home will maintain its vitality.  Certainly general upkeep and care counts for something and should not be minimized, but in addition […]

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Conversations Blog – Let’s talk about it!

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Have you ever walked into a home and had an immediate overwhelming feeling hit you? Whether the feeling is positive or negative, the building is telling you something.  My new book “Conversations with your home” will help you identify aspects of your home that have up to now been unidentified. Everyone has had “home experiences”.  […]

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