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NEW Video Workshop


To recognize the power of Feng Shui
with Carole Hyder
as she illuminates her revolutionary concept
of what a home means.


This special video is the perfect way to deepen and enhance your experience of the book, and get to hear about the power of Feng Shui straight from Carole herself.


Watching the video in addition to reading the book is like going from watching a movie in 2-D to a 3-D multi-dimensional experience.


Working with a live audience, Carole will answer some of the important questions you may have such as:

~How to find answers to questions about money or your job or a relationship if you only allow your walls to talk to you

~What to do if you’re unhappy in your home

~How to find harmony and balance if you’re feeling disconnected

~Where to turn if you don’t like where you live.


In this hour-plus workshop, Carole will:

checkmarkdescribe her process in writing the book “Conversations with Your Home” so you better understand the concepts behind her work;

checkmarkoutline her personal perspective on the evolution and validation of Feng Shui from obscurity to popular recognition;

checkmarklead you through visualizations and exercises, some of which are not even in the book, so you can open the door to having a conversation with your own home;

checkmarkprovide you a down-loadable 6-page Implementation Guide to help you create a road map for integration.


If you’ve already read the book, the video will not only clarify its concepts and provide additional information, but will also enrich the experience you had while reading the pages of “Conversations.”


If you’re in the process of reading the book, your understanding of these incredible concepts will magnify through her spoken words and the dialogue with the audience.


If you haven’t read the book, you will be inspired to do so in order to discover all the possible ways that you yourself can have a conversation with your home.


You can get started immediately by clicking on the link below for an instant download of the video and the accompanying Implementation Guide.


If you buy “Conversations with Your Home” (the book), the corresponding “Conversations” video is only an additional $9.99. If you want to purchase the video on its own, the cost is $14.99.

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